Research in education sciences. Conceptual and methodological perspectives

Janez Vogrinc, Blerim Saqipi

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Authors:Janez Vogrinc, Blerim Saqipi
Description:This scientific monogroph is a mixture of summarising existing knowledge and providing critical views on issues that need closer attention in order to advance the practice in education sciences by answering many of the questions raised in this introductory chapter. While many of the concepts addressed in this book are generic, the views and approach of this book are aimed at examing critical issues that teachers and other professionals in education sciences are expected to face and can draw from. While research in education sciences can draw from a wider spectrum of research approaches and strategies, the reference to research types and approaches in this book is determined based on understanding the need that researches in education science can be best supported with concise reference material for conducting research in relevant fields of education science. More particularly, the book is useful for bachelor, masters and PhD students in education, teachers educators, teachers, school counsellors, school directors and other researches in the field of education in order to decide their approach as well as plan their research projects. Although there are many other books dealing with different research approaches in a more in-depth way, the advantage of this book is that it presents the various approaches that are most commonly used in the field of education in one place. This will make it easier for readers to decide on the most appropriate research for their specific research problem. If readers want to deepen their knowledge of a particular research approach, they will need to complement this book with other detailed resources on data analysis, particularly statistical analysis.
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